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Get up; Annie Rose / Bruce Parrott:  Copyright © Annie Rose 2009.  All instruments played by Bruce Parrott and recorded at Blue World Studio Green Bay Wisconsin.  This CD is not finished yet but you can sample the songs anyway, well that's the beauty of the internet.  Annie Rose's Bio
Shades of Love; Nick Lauren: All music composed and recorded by Nick Lauren Copyright © 2015 Nick Lauren Entertainment.   Nick Lauren lives in Miami Florida, and has released his latest CD which contains some of his best work.
"Are We Awake" by Bruce Parrott
"Ann and I were in the rain one night after a gig. Everyone had left as we were loading the last of the equipment discussing whether to keep the band going or not. Tired, I paused to gaze at the silhouette of Ann's hair from the street light, through the rain, it made a halo....I realized that it didn't matter one way or the other, it's all an illusion".

©2016 Bruce Parrott on (Are We Awake) www.BlueWorldRecords.com  
Bruce Parrott's Bio
Belly of the Whale:  By Bruce Parrott.  Copyright © Bruce Parrott 2005.  A compilation of songs written and performed by Bruce Parrott.  All instruments played by Bruce Parrott at Blue World Studio Green Bay, Wisconsin.  We are heroes in the eyes of our children.  Bruce Parrott's Bio

Here we are, in the rain again

Standing here, trying to decide 

if there's something to defend

Isn't it funny how your eyes show their tears

Isn't it funny how we spent all those years

Just a game


Street lights glimmer

from the mist through the trees

A crown of thorns, a halo of hope

a rainbow, if you please.

Isn't funny how the lights in your hair 

Isn't it funny that there's nobody there

just a dream


Take me away, to a place

by the sea

Where Salt Ponds sway

and fish play all day

and there's room, left for me

Isn't it funny why we had all those fears

Isn't it funny why we spent all those years

In a game

Just a dream

In a game

By Bruce Parrott Copyright©2011 Blue World Records.  Technical Insanity is a new project that I am working and is not finished...or is it?  All loops, wav samples vocals no instruments.
Bruce Parrott by Bruce Parrott ©2005 Bruce Parrott
Pushing On by Bruce Parrott.  Various songs put together in 2012.


Basement Tapes by Bruce Parrott.  A compilation of older songs that I wrote and recorded in or before the 80's.  Evil Inside and Take Me Back were recorded at Studio A Berklee School of Music along with some friends.